Apple CEO Steve Jobs appears to be at his creative peak, according to The Economist.

A report called: "The resurrection of Steve Jobs" looks back to this time last year when Apple's leader revealed himself to be suffering from a rare cancer and stared death in the face.

Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen said that after that incident, Jobs appears "softer", and "even more creative".

"The experience seems to have invigorated him", the report states. "The odd thing about near-death experiences - literal or metaphorical - in Mr Jobs's life is that he seems actually to need them sporadically in order to thrive," it observes.

Jobs himself referenced these events in June this year, when he told Stanford University students that: "Death is nature's change agent", recommending they: "Love what you do".

The report looks at some of the setbacks Jobs has faced in his career, surmising that Apple's leader must see such "reversals as lessons".

Today, Jobs' rivals: "Now simply take it for granted that Jobs has a top-secret conveyor belt that will keep churning out best-selling wonders."

The computer and media titan is more vivacious than ever, and his competitors should beware, the report concludes.