Apple CEO Steve Jobs believes video authoring will succeed the printed word in classrooms by 2025.

In an interview with Newsweek he claims that "video and photography are the media of our times".

He said: "For the better part of the past century, the medium was the printed page, whether it was a newspaper or a novel.

"People not only consumed, they authored. The medium of our times is video and photography, but most of us are still consumers as opposed to being authors."

Video opportunity However, with the introduction of Apple's video-authoring solutions, such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro, consumers have more opportunities than ever before to author their own films, Jobs claimed.

He believes that multimedia tools will create more video authors over the next two decades.

He continued: "You should see the movies that kids and teachers are making now. They make movies to sell an idea and to lead a team.

"I can show you a movie made by a sixth-grade teacher with her kids about learning the principles of geometry in a way that you will never forget."