Apple CEO Steve Jobs is "proud of being an a**hole," according to Robert X Cringely, author of Accidental Empires.

Interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald today, Cringely is outspoken about Jobs, Apple, Microsoft, and the tech industry.

The report adds: "Cringely was one of Apple's first employees way back in 1977. But he has no illusions about his own programming prowess; in Accidental Empires, he describes himself as being able to program poorly in four languages".

On his stint at Apple in 1977, he says: "In my early days at Apple back in 1977 the entire technical department with the exception of the switching power supply was Steve Wozniak. There was no room for another OS guy and I would never compete with Woz for, well, anything. Okay, I'm better looking, but that's all, and even that's just on a good hair day".

The interview ends: "I like to pull out a $20 note and point out that there is something about that note that bothers Bill Gates – that it is in my pocket. Microsoft really does want all the money and I'm not sure they won't get it".