Apple is hosting archive QuickTime streams of both Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote presentation and VP worldwide marketing Phil Schiller's Power of X presentation.

During his keynote Jobs introduced a host of products including Apple Web browser Safari, a presentation application called Keynote, new 12-inch and 17-inch PowerBook G4s, and updated iApps. The keynote is available here.

The Power of X presentation looked at the state of Mac OS X, with particular attention paid to Mac OS X 10.2. Some reports suggest OS X 10.2.3 is being prepped for imminent release, as this was the version of the OS seen running on new-generation PowerBooks exhibited at Macworld Expo.

Schiller focuses on several key areas in his presentation - including Unix and X11, Quartz and Quartz Extreme, security, Mail, Keychain, Safari, and developer tools. The presentation is available here.