Apple CEO Steve Jobs has set the IT agenda in 2003, according to's Agenda Setters poll, the results of which were announced yesterday.

This is the first time Jobs has won the poll (closely pursued by Microsoft's chief software architect, Bill Gates). Previous winners have included AOL's Steve Case and News International's Rupert Murdoch.

The report praises Jobs' "innovation and turnaround ability" as crucial to Apple's survival. The panel was impressed by Apple's move toward open source as part of the core of OS X, its "dedication to produce quality hartdware such as the iPod," and iTunes Music Store. The latter offering won praise for "lighting a fire" under the music business.

Looking at the evolution of technology, says that as technology and the Internet converge, the "benchmarks for determining goals become fuzzy and enigmatic". The enigmatic Steve Jobs could lead the agenda for these changing times.