Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the second most influential individual in technology, according to the panel in the Silicon Agenda Setters poll. But according to readers he should have topped the poll.

Jobs was piped to the post by the lesser-known BBC director of new media and technology Ashley Highfield. Highfield figured at position 10 in the reader poll.

The popular Apple CEO received 39.8 per cent of the reader vote. In second position was Linux's Linus Torvalds with 38.2 per cent. Torvalds was in seventh place in the panel vote. The two managed to amass 78 per cent of the reader vote, leading Silicon to suppose an anti-Microsoft backlash.

However Microsoft's Bill Gates was placed in fifth place by readers, while the panel had only seen him fit to share position seven – with Torvalds.

One name that didn't feature in the panel's top ten, gained recognition from the reader vote – Apple's Jonathan Ive figured in ninth place with 0.6 per cent of the vote.