Apple CEO Steve Jobs may be mercurial but his public certainly approve of his style, at least according to

Jobs remains a leading light again this month in that publication's monthly CEO approval rating, as he has remained for a year now.

Jobs attracted an all-time high of 94 per cent approval in February – higher than any of the 65 CEOs from 13 industry sectors for which the magazine tracks approval.

Apple's leader's May approval rating fell slightly – to just 84 per cent in the computer hardware sector. He remains the most approved-of CEO in that sector, as he has been for a year.

Across all the CEOs tracked, Jobs sees close competition from Yahoo CEO terry Semel (83 per cent); Target CEO Robert Ulrich (78 per cent); Xilinx CEO Willem Roelandts (80 per cent); Ford CEO William Ford Jr (78 per cent) and Qualcomm's Irwin Jacobs (81 per cent).