Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the Forbes CEO Approval Trackers equivalent of the Tour de France's Lance Armstrong.

"Throw rocky roads, tough competition, and even life-threatening illness his way, and the Apple chief executive is still going to come out on top," writes Forbes.

Despite being out of action following treatment for pancreatic cancer Jobs maintained an impressive rating and this October, his first full month back at work, he has received a ranking of 92 per cent.

Jobs has always maintained the top spot in Forbes monthly CEO Approval Tracker since its conception 16 months ago. Readers are encouraged to rank a number of CEOs according to whether they approve or disapprove of what they have done that month. Jobs' highest ranking was 94 per cent back in February.

His competition in the Computer Hardware section of the tracker is IBM's Samuel Palmisano (56% in October), Dell's Kevin Rollins (51%), Sun's Scott McNealy (45%), and HP's Carly Fiorina (14%).