Apple CEO Steve Jobs is the sixth most powerful media magnate in the UK, according to the Media Guardian.

The Media Guardian has rated the most powerful figures in the UK media industry, for their "cultural, economic and political clout". It's the fifth year of the list, and Microsoft chairman Bill Gates doesn't appear within it.

"No one has done more to change the way we listen to music in the modern era than Steve Jobs," the report explains. The impact of Apple's iPod is described as "changing the way we buy music and listen to the radio", threatening established radio shows with user-controlled choice.

The "perfect brand"

Jobs is "the architect of the perfect brand", according to one of the adjudicators of the report. Jobs' movie company Pixar expands the Jobs' media industry power, it observes.

Reflecting Apple's mercuric rise to prominence, Jobs climbed 23 places in the list this year. The judge's panel included leading lights from across the media industry.

Love, not money

The report takes a glance at his motivation: "I was worth over $1m when I was 23, and over $10m when I was 24, and over $100m when I was 25," Jobs has said. "It wasn't that important because I never did it for the money."

Apple's CEO recently delivered a commencement speech to Stanford University graduates. In an uncharacteristic moment of self-revelation, Jobs urged students to "love what you do".