The Second Coming of Steve Jobs, an unofficial, behind-the-scenes account of Steve Jobs’ days at Pixar and Apple, will be released in the US on September 12 by the Vintage imprint of Random House. The 301-page hardcover book will cost $26.

Written by Vanity Fair contributing editor Alan Deutschman, the book looks into Jobs' "volcanic" personality, his fall after his ousting from Apple in 1985, and his rebirth with Next and Pixar.

USA Today claims the book describes a "sophisticated elitist who yearns for the patronage of the masses". The newspaper says an anonymous acquaintance quoted in the book compares Steve to the tycoon in Citizen Kane. USA Today also reports that Steve Jobs sees the book as a "hatchet job".

The book examines Jobs’ reaction to losing his post at Apple, and how he considered serving on the doomed space-shuttle Challenger, or becoming a Senator. At the time, the book claims, close friends were concerned that he would kill himself.

Details about Jobs’ biological parents are revealed in the controversial biography, which concludes: "He succeeded in becoming the Jackie Kennedy Onassis of business and technology – ubiquitous as a symbol of his times, but little known as a human being."