Apple CEO Steve Jobs is one of the USA's most fascinating tycoons, a survey has revealed.

The list is part of Forbes' 400 richest Americans list, only 100 of whom Americans are likely to recognize, the magazine says.

In the Forbes sub-list of 15 of the 100 best-known tycoons, Jobs (illustrated as a teenager) is seventh, with Microsoft chairman and chief software archtect Bill Gates coming first. Others include film producer Steven Spielberg, head of the Worldwide Wrestling Foundation, Vince McMahon, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, media magnate Ted Turner, and film magnate George Lucas.

Tortured artiste says: "Jobs as a celebrity is something of an alternate take on Bill Gates. Both are co-founders of the computer era and both have piled-up enormous wealth as a result. But Gates is seen as a nerdish programmer turned corporate Machiavelli, whereas Jobs is a tortured artiste who creates "insanely great" products."

"To the public, Jobs is the tech-world equivalent of Steven Spielberg or George Lucas. He is seen as a savvy businessman who is also a creative genius. That's a potent combination, and it keeps Jobs in Gates' league as a celebrity even though Gates has far more money." also reveals that out of the 800 best-paid CEOs, Jobs climbed from 778th in 2000 to ninth best-paid in 2001.