Jobs received the honour because "he excels at running two companies". The Chronicle sums up Jobs' achievement thus: "Two jobs, but only one Jobs."

Iy continued: "Jobs gets the nod because he leads two companies that make money and headlines by changing two major industries – music and movies."

GartnerG2 research director Mike McGuire said: "What he has done is a unique accomplishment. Both companies aren't just successful, but are helping reshape some industries.''

Forrester Research analyst Josh Bernoff said: "Apple's iPod-iTunes combo has turned into a big one-two punch for the company. Steve Jobs single-handedly changed the music industry."

Schwab Soundview Capital Markets analyst Michelle Gutierrez said: "The strength of Jobs and Apple has been to come up with new ideas that catch on with consumers. In an industry that's getting commoditized by the hour, these guys continue to innovate. They don't even do focus groups. They generate all of their product ideas internally, and Steve Jobs is a big factor in that."

Jobs continues to rank highly in the Forbes CEO Approval Ratings. He achieved an 89 per cent approval rating in April, the same rating as he received in March. Apple's positive financial results did not push Jobs rating back to its all time high of 94 per cent gained in February, but Jobs continues to receive the highest ranking of any CEO in the ratings.