Echoing a story in Wired yesterday, Business Week has published a piece that also explores the relationship between Apple and Microsoft.

The piece contains a few surprises – for example, it reveals that when Apple opened its iTunes Music Store for Windows last year, Apple CEO Steve Jobs sent Microsoft's Bill Gates a $200 gift certificate – so the billionaire could buy a few tracks of his own.

The relationship between the two men may surprise some Mac users, Jobs told Business Week: "It's actually really pleasant when we chat. We both spent the majority of our lives in this industry, and we've spent more time in it than we have left on the planet.

"We obviously disagree on things sometimes. But I actually feel a real warmth towards him personally."

Jobs also pressed home Apple's claim to technological leadership in the PC industry: "Apple is once again two to three years ahead. Microsoft is copying us again, and it's fun!" he said. "I often used to tell Bill that we were the cheapest R&D they could get ever get."