A record-breaking online audience watched the QuickTime webcast of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' Macworld Expo keynote.

According to Apple, the audience was double that of last year's Macworld New York, with over 81,000 viewers watching the live stream.

More than 11 terabytes of content were served during the two-hour webcast, which attracted more than 160,000 visitors.

At the webcast's peak, over 16.5GB per second of video were streamed at broadband rates to viewers worldwide.

Philip Schiller, vice president of worldwide product marketing said: "This is an industry record for simultaneous video streaming, and it was only possible with QuickTime."

There was an average of over two viewers per stream, and an estimated total of around 300,000 people watched the keynote via QuickTime streaming, according to Schiller.

The keynote was streamed over Apple's QuickTime TV network, which delivers broadcast quality and reliability.