The Pixar-Disney deal could drive Hollywood to a digital dawn, reports claim.

The deal also means Apple CEO Steve Jobs - who becomes Disney's biggest individual shareholder - now has a bigger stake in Disney than anybody else on the planet.

Business Week predicts a modern Pixar touch will be applied to Disney's established characters, such as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, "putting new life into the mouse-house", the report states.

More intriguingly, Apple's leader will set the tone for Disney's digital plans, and the deals are done between the two firms may become a template for similar deals between Hollywood and digital firms.

"Could it be that everything that has happened so far in Jobs's professional life has been a mere prologue to the creation of the 21st Century's first real media giant?" Business Week concludes.

Analysts agree the possibility is there. Investors Business Daily states: "Jobs can influence Disney to take forward-moving steps where others aren't yet and set the bar higher," according to Ben Bajarin, an analyst at research firm Creative Strategies.

The day before the deal, CBS launched a digital arm called CBS Vision, to be led by David Poltrack: "The media business is in a state of transition to a digital, nonlinear model," Poltrack said.

BBC chairman Michael Grade belileves a shift to video online is inevitable: "I am as sure as I can be that on demand is the future," he said this week.

Apple will use its CEO's position to broker significant deals to drive video to iTunes, and to help it sell Macs.