Apple CEO Steve Jobs has won yet another Wired Rave Award, though he didn't turn up at the awards event to pick it up.

Jobs won a 'Renegade of the Year' award in 2004. This year, Apple's leader had the ultimate accolade of winning a brand new award that was named after him.

Wired says its new 'Steve Jobs Award' "recognises sustained excellence and creative genius". Steve Jobs is the first winner of this unusual badge of honour.

This year's Rave Award winners have challenged conventional wisdom, defied critics and created something genuinely new to transform our culture," said Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine. "They inspire new ideas and most of all, they inspire us."

This year's Wired Renegade awards went to George Clooney, Mark Cuban, Jeff Skoll and Steven Soderbergh.

The UK's own Ricky Gervais, alongside Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington won Wired's Podcast award.