MSNBC has compiled a list of history's ten greatest entrepreneurs of all time and sharing the number ten spot are Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Wozniak is credited for the "elegance" of the operating system design, enabling Apple "to democratize computing by creating a machine whose use was so wonderfully intuitive that even technophobes embraced it." Jobs is praised for his "marketing savvy".

King Croesus, who ruled the Asia Minor kingdom of Lydia in the sixth century B.C. also makes the list - he minted the first money; Pope Sixtus IV who realized he could make money from relatives of the deceased; Benjamin Franklin; PT Barnum for his bizarre and freakish sideshow acts, and the invention of advertising.

Thomas 'light bulb' Edison features at number five (did you know he was selling newspapers to train passengers as a teenager?); Henry Ford; Benjamin Siegel, apparently he invented Las Vegas; Ray Kroc - McDonalds; and H. Ross Perot.

Readers are encouraged to vote on which of the 10 they feel to be the "greatest entrepreneur". Currently Thomas Edison is in the lead with 34 per cent of the vote. Henry Ford is in second place with 22 per cent. In third place is Benjamin Franklin with 12 per cent. And Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are in fourth place with 8 per cent of the vote.