Despite Apple's claim that the iPod and iPod mini feature up to 25 minutes of skip protection, making the gadgets ideal for use in the gym or while jogging, a report has appeared suggesting that Apple may not be justified in its promise that iPod users are able to do everything from "headspins to head-banging" as the adverts would suggest.

Reuters is carrying an interview with an owner whose iPod skips while he is jogging. Dr Mark Hawkins said: "I was pretty upset that it started to skip. It's not like I'm using it for something they don't expect you to use it for "

A flexible armband it available for the iPod mini. "Take your iPod mini on your next hike, go jogging or run errands," says Apple.

Apple maintains that skipping iPods are rare. Director of iPod marketing Stan Ng told Reuters: "It's quite odd to hear that. The player holds 25 minutes of music in a memory cache that helps prevent skipping."

"The iPod and iPod mini are both widely used for athletic purposes and all sorts of active lifestyle pursuits. We've had very few complaints," he added.