Apple UK has published a page for music-mad consumers anticipating the release of the new iPod mini music player in April.

The company is offering to despatch an email to customers who want to know when the product ships when that product does eventually ship.

Many Mac users have observed that the preliminary £199 price tag Apple has announced in the UK seems steep in comparison to the $249 US music fans are being charged.

Apple has said the £199 price is subject to change (depending on the vagaries of the exchange rate), but hasn't announced any final shipping price at this time. Presumably, iPod mini fans who sign-up to receive an email when the product does ship will get to know what the final UK shipping price is first.

Like its higher-capacity brother, the 4GB iPod mini connects to Macs or PCs using either FireWire or USB. Features include a touch-sensitive Click wheel, a battery with an initial life of eight hours, headphones and a belt clip and iTunes software. It's available in silver, gold, blue, pink and green, and weighs 3.6 ounces (similar to a gents' wristwatch).

When he launched the product at the beginning of the year, Apple CEO Steve Jobs predicted: "We think its going to be pretty popular, especially with younger music lovers."