A key player developing super-storage technology has forged links with a new manufacturing partner.

Constellation 3D (C3D) and Zeon Chemicals will work together to develop the chemicals and polymers required for the mass development of C3D's Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) technology.

Unlike CD and DVD technology, FMD offers multiple-fluorescent layers for information storage. FMD delivers a data-transfer rate of 100Mbps, data bandwidth of 12MHz, and 100GB can be stored on a CD-ROM-sized re-recordable disc. C3D says that products based on its FMD standard should hit the market "next year". The storage media should cost about the same as CD-RWs.

Multiple uses The company has announced a series of other strategic agreements with manufacturers to make playback systems using the company's technology. Devices under development include personal video-recorders, hard-disc TVs and digital-cinema players.

All its players are based on standard red lasers, and will be backwards-compatible with existing DVDs and CD media. C3D claims that future versions of the technology could contain several terabytes of data on a single disc.