3DJoy – the unlocked and free version of VIDI’s Presenter 3D modelling and animation tool - is now in final beta testing.

VIDI closed a year ago because of lack of 3D support from Apple, but the company’s founders were still committed to the Mac as a 3D platform. They decided to make their software available to developers and 3D artists who shared their commitment.

To this end, they came up with the idea of the Mac 3D Team. Members can demonstrate their commitment to 3D on the Mac in one of a number of ways, such as learning or expanding existing 3D abilities, creating 3D works, helping others to do the same through training and group presentations, or contributing success stories to the media.

Members can now download the beta of the unlocked version of the 3DJoy software, or can order a CD for a donation. Details on how to join the Mac 3D Team are on the 3DJoy Web site.