The second installment of Star Trek Elite Force will port to Mac, the game's producer has revealed.

Activision game producer Doug Pearson told visitors to the games forum siteRitualistic Forums: "There will be a Mac version of Star Trek Elite Force II. The port is being conducted by Aspyr, and the plan is to release the Mac version very near the release of the PC version of the game. "

The PC version of the game is scheduled to ship in June 2003.

The sequel puts players in the role of an elite security operative from the Federation's Star Fleet.

In related news, Aspyr has released a number of downloadable skins for the recently released The Sims: Unleashed expansion pack. These include two pet Skin Packs with several more dogs and cats for Sims to adopt.

The company has also posted two new skin packs featuring the people in the Hot Data and Vacation TV commercials. Other available objects include: a dartboard, Shrimp Cart and an assortment of bathing suit skins.