JPY has begun shipping the latest version of the PresStore backup, archive and synchronisation software.

PresStore 2.2 is a Universal application that runs natively on both Intel and PowerPC-based Macs. JPY claims this make the application the "only enterprise-level data management solution to offer Intel Mac support." The update is free to existing customers.

Developed by Archiware and distributed in the UK by JPY, PresStore software is an automatic network storage solution. It offers network-wide synchronisation, backup and archiving and can write and read in parallel from several drives.

Multi-threaded, the software can also handle archiving data to multiple file servers and automatic tape-based archive management. The software can operate multiple tape libraries at once and is fully supported on multi-processors such as those on Core Duo Macs.

The support to archive data in parallel to multiple tapes is a time saver for data-hungry businesses, explained JPY managing director John Yardley: "With the increasing amount of data being produced by graphics, audio and video studios, fast backup and archiving matters. Parallel recording to multiple tapes slashes the time needed for full backups, meaning there's more chance of data being saved."

Beyond the Mac, PresStore is available for the Solaris, Linux and Windows platforms.