Apple may plan a 17-inch MacBook Pro for June, while tweaking its in-store support options.

AppleInsider reports that a large-screen MacBook is being prepped for launch before its Worldwide Developer's Conference in June. It will have "at least" a 2.16GHz Intel processor, the report claims.

However, a small form-factor MacBook - to replace the eminently luggable and powerful-for-its-size 12-inch PowerBook - "isn't yet on Apple's roadmap", the report explains.

AppleInsider repeats claims that new Intel iBooks (MacBooks?) may ship by April.

The site also claims that component shortages are to blame for any delays shipping MacBook Pros, which face an "overwhelming amount of pent-up demand".

Intel iMac sales are "beyond internal forecasts", and Apple has been using components in-hand to fulfil iMac orders.

ThinkSecret meanwhile reports that Apple will introduce ProCare 2.0 this week, offering a range of extra features to its £79 collection of support services.