KnowledgeView is to distribute SoftCare's professional-grade K4 collaborative magazine-publishing system in the UK.

The system integrates Adobe InDesign and InCopy in a database-driven workflow. It offers multilevel-security controls and strong customization options. The system, for professional-publishing firms – already installed in enterprises with 250 users – supports transparent and secure production workflow for workgroups or entire enterprises.

The system supports Mac OS X, 9.x and Windows, and the server-side of this solution can run on Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server. KnowledgeView has confirmed that one of its publishing customers has already moved to a Mac OS X-only workflow using Apple's Xserve.

The solution makes it possible for professional publishers to consider migrating their operations to OS X, and moving to InDesign at the expense of the more costly and not-yet-ready-for-OS X QuarkXPress.

K4 offers: check-in and check-out of content; content can be subbed and layed out at the same time; content and layout change alerts; status tracking; version control; galley and WYSIWYG-editing modes; red lining; change tracking; and inline notes.

The system supports XML to speed up repurposing editorial content for the Web.

KnowledgeView MD Ali Al-Assam said: "Magazine publishers have been looking for ways to combine Adobe's tools with the productivity of a database-driven workflow system." The MD describes the system as "affordable and easy-to-use".

As well as distributing the system, KnowledgeView will provide training and support services in the UK. The company is exhibiting its solution with Adobe during the forthcoming Adobe Roadshow events, which begin December 10.

John Cunningham, Adobe UK's sales manager for creative publishing, said: "We hope many publishers take the opportunity to see how these solutions interact in a live demo."

Like most solutions of its kind, pricing is dependent on the needs and size of the publishing house. Contact the UK distributors for details.