Kagi Software has released BTV View 4.1.1, its shareware video-display and capture application for the Mac.

BTV View 4.1.1 offers more enhancements than previous versions. These include: the ability to hide the control strip in full screen mode; the ability to drag an image from a video-input window into other applications; and shortcut keys to choose video format, including PAL, NTSC and SECAM.

BTV View can capture and view video, taken from any video-input format, at either full screen or in a window. It also works with many video-input decvices, including video and TV cards, built-in-video, USB and FireWire video sources.

A number of other features and shortcuts have been added to the application, and numerous bugs have been fixed. The upgrade is free for existing users. The application costs $15 from Kagi.