When Keane lost its lead guitarist, the band turned to Apple technology to fill the gap.

Apple has published a short feature detailing what happened to the band, which has sold four million copies of debut album "Hopes and Fears".

Songwriter-keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley talked about what happened when the guitarist quit: "When we were a guitar band, I was playing the bass," says Rice-Oxley.

On tour with Logic Pro

"But when there was a big hole left by the absence of a guitar, I decided to go back to playing piano. Obviously, that meant I couldn't play the bass and the piano at the same time on stage, so rather than interfering with the chemistry of the band, we decided to use Logic to play back my bass parts."

Rice-Oxley reveals that he sketches new songs out using Apple's pro audio application, Logic. In performance, the act uses dual-synchronized PowerBook G4 systems running Logic Pro alongside their live instrumentation.

But not all music fans respect the move, the songwriter explains: "People are so snobbish. You'll get people who think, 'It's gotta be guitars, it's gotta be made in a dank rehearsal room, it can't have anything electronic on it.' But really, it's the blend of the two that I think is the future of music."

It's not just the music: Keane tours with a video show played on a Power Mac G5 running High End System's Catalyst Pro 3.3. The video was made in Final Cut Pro.