Apple has recruited a new board member from breakfast cereal producer Kellogg.

An Apple spokesman said: "We think Tony has the right mix of experience and knowledge to offer a unique insight that will be invaluable for the launch of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger". The new board member will bring a wealth of experience gained in particular in the K12 youth market. The aim would appear to be to promote Tiger to the under 16s.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is thought to have met with the hirsute spokesmodel through his other position as chief of animation company Pixar.

Asked how he found corporate relations with the current board – which includes former US vice-president Al Gore and CEOs of J Crew and Genentech – he replied in animated fashion "They're grrrreat!".

Starting life as a traditional cell-animation, Tony has since become digital. This process has given him a first-paw experience of the digital age – sources close to the NURBS-based icon say he especially enjoys having transitions applied to him in iMovie HD. Tony will not, however, be able to bring his catchphase "They’re grrrreat!" into play at Apple due to contractual agreements.

The announcement comes on the 29th anniversary of Apple's incorporation, April 1st 1976.