Kensington is launching a range of wireless laser mice - the PilotMouse Laser Wireless range.

The range consists of two products initially, Pro and Mini. Both are available in blue or black.

The Pro (£35) is a full-size, six-button, fully programmable mouse with a four-way scroll wheel for moving the cursor side to side or up and down. It communicates with the computer using a 2.4GHz wireless Radio Frequency connection.

The PilotMouse Laser Wireless Mini (£24.99) is a portable laser notebook mouse. It's smaller than the Pro, but uses the same technologies and offers three programmable buttons, rubber grips, a 2.4GHz wireless connection, and a place to secure the receiver to the mouse when it's not being used.

The company claims the AA batteries that power both input devices "can last all year".

"The improvements made to the laser technology mean that all information from the mouse is sent properly, and there is none of the delay in cursor movement that laser mice not using a 2.4GHZ wireless connection suffer," said Phil O'Neill, managing director at Kensington Europe.

Prices include VAT.