Kensington has introduced two new NXT-enabled iPod products: the SX 3000R speaker with FM Radio for iPod and the FX 300 Speaker to Go.

UPDATE: Kensington UK has informed Macworld that the SX 3000R system won't be sold in the UK, while no shipping date has been set for the FX 300 system at this time.

Following the success of its predecessor the SX 2000, the SX 3000R is finished in a hi-gloss black. Its front is an NXT SurfaceSound flat panel loudspeaker with the whole device wrapped up in a single, compact unit.

As well as an FM radio tuner, the system also includes an iPod dock (capable of recharging the iPod), and a 3.5mm jack for connecting other music players to the device. The SX 3000R ships with a remote control.

The company has also released a set of travel speakers for iPods, the FX 300 Speaker to Go. These are a lightweight battery-operated speakers that also use the flat-panel NXT audio speaker technology. Kensington claims ten hours playback time on one set of batteries (two AAA batteries). They ship with a case that contains pockets for other bits and pieces.

UK prices haven't yet been revealed, in the US the SX 3000R costs $169.99 while the FX 300 cost $29.99.