Kensington is offering a cash rebate of up to £10 for each old notebook lock of any brand that is handed over when companies replace them with locks from its new MicroSaver range.

The upgrade scheme offers a rebate when businesses purchase 25 or more new locks. If users are returning standard locks (of any brand), they will receive £7.50 for each lock, up to the number of new locks they've purchased. The £10 rebate is given when Kensington MicroSaver custom key solutions locks are exchanged.

Kensington's recently launched range of locks includes:
MicroSaver Notebook Lock: an updated cable and lock device that uses Kensington's patented T-bar design, (£34.99).

MicroSaver Twin Notebook Lock: enables users to lock two pieces of equipment with one cable (£49.99).

MicroSaver DS Notebook Lock: a newly developed lock that uses the T-bar mechanism and a disk lock design, with a 1.8m carbon tempered steel cable and a stainless steel braided cover (£44.99).

To qualify for the rebate programme, new custom key locks must be purchased. The total rebate granted is determined by the number of new locks purchased and the number of old locks returned. In order to take part in the rebate programme, users should register online.