UK developer Runtime Revolution will release Revolution 2.0 next month.

Revolution is a multiplatform application development app. The new version introduces support for Mac OS X 10.2, XML Unicode, database access, and multimedia.

The product exploits an English-esque programming language, an "easy-to-use" interface builder, and built-in Internet and multimedia facilities.

The programming environment lets developers write a single application for Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, applications support each operating system's look-&-feel. No code changes are required, the company claims.

Additional features include: A Transcript Cookbook that explains some useful routines; Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) support; a report-printing engine; an integrated debugger; MIDI music-file creation and a new sound-recording architecture.

Revolution Professional Edition license holders can download the test release of Revolution 2.0 immediately. Those who purchase Revolution 1.1.1 between now and the release date can upgrade to version 2.0 at no charge when it is released in November.

Licensing options include the $299 Small Business Edition, the $99 Student-Teacher Edition, the $995 Professional Edition, and the downloadable Free Edition, which limits the size and complexity of code but is otherwise fully enabled.