Virtual Programming is porting KnightShift to the Mac, it has announced.

KnightShift is set in a 3D mystic world in which players control heroes and magical characters, the being to drive-out evil and re-establish peace and order.

The title combines real time strategy with role playing features. It offers both single and multiplayer games

The gaming environment features “breathtaking” graphics, claims the company, as well as effects “not seen before in a game”.

This title was originally developed by Germany's Zuxxez Entertainment. Company CEO Alexandra Constandache said: "We are confident that Virtual Programming will provide all Mac users with a great port for this title."

Virtual Programming has confirmed it is working with UK software start-up, Coderus on the port. Coderus offers pre-built libraries (MacDX) to developers that can help significantly speed up the process of bringing PC games to OS X.