Zend Technologies has announced Zend Studio for Mac OS X.

Zend Studio is a PHP Integrated Development Environment (IDE). PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a database-programming language used on over nine million Web sites globally.

The OS X Zend Studio includes an advanced development-environment, local and remote debugging capabilities, and an online help guide.

Zend Technologies co-founder and CTO Zeev Suraski said: "With Unix-based OS X interest from the development community for creating a PHP IDE for Mac has never been stronger.

"By making Zend Studio available for Mac OS X, we're making it easier for developers to gain access to the most powerful tools built specifically for PHP and OS X."

A 21-day demo version of the product, which is used by Siemens, Nortel, Deutsche Telecom and Apple, is available for download. It costs $195.