The German Macintosh site, Macwelt, is carrying images of the expected Graphite iMac alongside technical details of the forthcoming new product.

We are not in a position to categorically state that these are accurate images, however another site, which showed drawings of the forthcoming machines, has pulled the images from their site "at Apple’s legal request."

Our take is – Kihei is coming, as predicted, in time for the Christmas rush. While originally expected in November, is there a possibility that Apple has bought delivery forward in order to make up for slack sales in the G4 range as a result of a shortage of chips? Conjecture, surely, but a question worth pondering, nevertheless.

Macwelt suggests that Apple will offer three versions of iMac, all of which will share a new, totally translucent casing; AirPort wireless networking compatibility (when outfitted with an optional AirPort card), and an improved sound system. The base model will pack a 350-MHz G3 processor, 64MB of RAM, a tray-less CD-ROM drive, a 56Kbps internal modem and a 6GB hard drive; offered only blueberry.

Another model, which Macwelt calls the iMacDV, sports two FireWire ports, a 400-MHz G3 processor, 64MB of RAM, a 10GB hard drive and a DVD drive. The iMacDV will come in all five iMac colours and will include "iMovie," a consumer version of Apple's Final Cut Pro. At the top of the line, the magazine claims that the "iMacDV Special Edition" will add more RAM (shipping with 128MB) and a 13GB hard drive and this package shall only be available in a Graphite case.