Apple continues to identify and recognize innovative ways to use IT in education.

This week, Apple rewarded Auckland University lecturer Peter Mellow its Apple Outstanding Tertiary Educator Award 2003. The award recognizes teachers who have used technology in education in an innovative way.

The teacher has created a number of CD's that incorporate QuickTime movies and interactive Web pages. They represent a way deaf children can access learning. Particular recognition was given to Mellow for his use of Apple technology to create visual learning resources for New Zealand Sign Language.

He said: "This is great to have external recognition. I'm just using existing technology in an innovative way. My biggest achievement has been collaborating with the Sign Language School."

Apple's National Tertiary education manager Graham Prentice described a marriage between technology and teaching as increasingly important and providing new and exciting resources for learning.

Mellow was presented with a Power Mac G5 and 20-inch Cinema Display. He smiled: "The G5 is the fastest processor in the world right now, so it's great to know that I've got the best machine in AUT, at least for the next six months."