New Zealand resellers are growing frustrated at continued iPod stock shorages tghere.

By last week local Apple distributor Renaissance had 8,000 outstanding iPod orders, worth over NZ$3.2 million on its books.

In an echo of the UK situation last year, local retailers are warning shoppers of limited availability and stock shortages.

Even Renaissance’s online Apple store warned stocks were constrained and that delays of five to six weeks could be expected.

Kiwis want the gift of sound

The shortage has struck all iPod models, but is less severe on the iPod shuffle, while the 20GB classic iPod and iPod mini models are in highest demand.

Daniel Parker, managing director of online Apple reseller, says Apple stock shortages occur regularly and confirms there are thousands of iPods on back order.

“As an Apple reseller it is something you are used to,” he said, “Demand outstrips supply and Apple is not making enough products. It is a worldwide problem.”

Apple’s online store in Australia gives an expected delivery time on iPods of up to four days, while the US site promises same business day delivery and the UK store within 24 hours.

NZ Apple sales 'incredibly strong'

The current iPod shortage struck just as supply constraints of the new Mac mini were relieved, says Wood.

Over-demand also led to stock limitations on iPods, iMacs and Apple notebooks late last year.

However, Steve Ford, Renaissance Apple division general manager, says regular shortages are not unique to Apple. “I spent four years at Toshiba and from time to time we had product shortages as well,” he said.

Ford confirms the shortage is a result of demand outstripping supply: “Sales have remained incredibly strong since before Christmas,” he says.

“Some quantities are coming through but not enough to meet demand and to put stock on people’s shelves. The product is in high demand globally and is not hitting these shores as quickly as we would like.”