Apple has announced that box sets of six iPod Socks will be available in the UK this December for £19, but if your iPod is cold now and simply can't wait until Christmas you might like to knit it one now.

This is what one Macworld reader has done. And in the spirit of Christmas she has offered to share the knitting pattern with Macworld readers.

Pattern creator Sally Kentfield told Macworld: "I think Apple's iPod Socks are cool, but I've already knitted my own."

And Sally plans to continue clothing her iPod. "Tonight I'm going to knit a red and fluffy white Santa Hat for my iPod," she told Macworld. Look out for the Santa Hat pattern on Sally's Web site.

iPod Sock (version 1) Knitting Pattern


1 ball of Wendy Peter Pan 4-ply in lime green (338)
1 ball of Wendy Peter Pan Double Knit in bright green (347)
1 pair of 3.25 knitting needles

K = knit
P = purl


Cast on 30 stitches of the lime green yarn.

Each row is KPKP all the way across. Repeat for 8 rows (2cm).

Change to the bright green yarn. Continue KPKP for 34 rows (10cm). Continue the KPKP pattern whilst casting off.

Fold in half and seam across the bright green bottom and all the way up the side, including the short side of the lime green section. Leave the top lime green edge open and slip your iPod snugly inside.