Procreate has announced KnockOut 2, the latest version of its award-winning image-masking software. Procreate is Corel's subsidiary company, devoted to bringing creative solutions to market.

KnockOut 2 can create precise masks of complex objects in a fraction of the time it takes using tools supplied in dedicated image-editing applications, according to the company. It's capable of masking challenging materials, such as liquids, glass, ice, hair, smoke and fire. The application maintains the transparency and detail of the object masked.

The application now functions as a plug-in for smoother integration into a designer's workflow. It integrates with Painter 7, Photo-Paint, Photoshop and more. KnockOut 2 is also Carbonized, so it's ready to roll in Mac OS X.

New features include improved masking tools and CMYK support. KnockOut previously supported only RGB colour information. The product also integrates new touch-up tools, including an eraser and brush. It also supports 99 levels of Undo and has a revert to last Save feature.

Ian LeGrow, executive vice president in charge of procreate development, said: "Every Photoshop professional should have this plug-in. It preserves fine image details that were once impossible to mask. Forget about missing strands of hair, picking up remnants of the original background or cutting off original shadows - you can create picture perfection with KnockOut 2."

The product will be available late November and cost £242. The upgrade cost is £97. Prices include VAT.