Kodak has released two new products, the Professional RFS 3600 35mm-film scanner and the DCS Pro Back Camera.

The RFS 3600 Scanner offers 3,600-dpi scanning quality in a compact desktop unit. The portable scanner delivers digital scans from 35mm colour reversal slides, colour and black-&-white negatives and is capable of creating 50MB RGB scans in under two minutes.

The scanner provides 36-bit scanning, capturing 68.7 thousand million colours as well as improving its shadow and highlight detail.

Offer For a limited period, Adobe Photoshop 5.0 Lite for Macintosh ships free with the RFS 3600 scanner, as well as ten rolls of Kodak Professional Supra 400 colour-negative film.
Other features include batch scanning for up to 36 frames in a row, ICC profiles and connectivity via either a SCSI II or USB port.

The new Professional DCS Pro back is a 16-megapixel medium-format camera back that creates 48-megabyte image files.

Shipping date Available next year, it incorporates a fully-featured LCD, a histogram, software for workflow improvements and other features that improve system operation and performance.

It can capture an image every two seconds and store up to eight before transferring to PC cards, or a host computer via FireWire.

The DCS Pro Back ships with Kodak Professional DCS Capture Studio software, an application for capturing and editing digital images.

Available now, the RFS 3600 scanner costs £899. Prices for the DCS Pro Back will be available in 2001.