Kodak’s latest offering in the digital camera wars, the DC240i is a camera for iMac fans to die for. This comes in a range of five colours, blueberry, grape, strawberry, tangerine and lime.

Essentially the same as the previous DC240, the cameras feature built-in flash and self-timers. With a 6x zoom capability (3x optical, 2x digital) the units close-up to 10 inches.

"People like colour--in their pictures and in their cameras," said Philip Gerskovich, chief operating officer and vice president, Digital & Applied Imaging. "These colours will encourage more people to carry cameras. When they do, they'll take pictures, and that's what we want."

The machines also feature USB interfaces for easy file transfers. Also included in the kit are CDs featuring ArcSoft Photo Printer, Adobe PhotoDeluxe and Adobe PageMill software.

The cameras are set for release in October in the US. A UK shipping date is not yet available, but the price has been set at £499.