Kodak has released EasyShare 3.0 for Mac OS X, the newest version of the software the company ships with its digital cameras.

EasyShare 3.0 offers digital-image organization and sharing capabilities, and is capable of cataloguing over 10,000 images and movies. This version of EasyShare is available for free download, and adds on-screen photo-album creation. It's designed as a native OS X application, and also supports DVD/CD burning.

Kodak desktop software general manager William Jackson said: "Mac users need a better way to organize their ever-expanding collection of digital pictures, and an easier way to share them with family and friends. EasyShare 3.0 makes it effortless to enjoy all the benefits of digital photography, regardless of which brand of camera was used to take the pictures."

EasyShare automatically finds and indexes picture and video files, and users can create virtual on-screen albums, categorizing files as with a traditional photo album. It also lets iPhoto users export pictures and associated filling information, such as albums, to EasyShare.

The software supports a number of image-editing tools, including red-eye removal, one-touch enhancement, cropping for popular print sizes, brightness-and-exposure compensation, and zoom.