Kodak has released the PalmPix camera for the Palm m500 handheld series.

Attached to a Palm via its USB port, the PalmPix transforms the handheld into a digital camera. Its vital statistics are 75-x-28-x-80mm and it weighs 54g. Equipped with a three-position lens, it has an 800-x-600dpi SVGA resolution.

Both colour and black-&-white images can be stored on removable memory-cards through the handheld's Secure Digital and Multimedia Card Expansion Slot. Pictures can be beamed from one handset to another, or downloaded to a Mac.

Other features include a preview mode and a 2x digital zoom. The PalmPix operates in Mac OS X's classic mode and costs £84.

Kodak has reduced the price of the PalmPix for the Palm m100 series from £68 to £34. The handheld has a colour VGA resolution of 640-x-480dpi and a 2x digital zoom. Its dimensions are 48-x-23-x-83mm and it weighs 45g. It shares the same features as the PalmPix for the m500, but is only compatible with Mac OS 7.5.5 through to 9.0.4.