Kodak has launched three online services, [email protected], PhotoNet online and [email protected].

[email protected] allows users to upload digital-camera images and crop the pictures onsite. The altered images are posted back as photographs three days later. Prices for the service vary according to print size: a 6-x-4-inch image costs 30 pence; a 7-x-5-inch image costs 99 pence; and a 10-x-8-inch picture costs £4.99.

Photonet.com creates an album on the Web. Users drop off their pictures for processing, and tick the Kodak PhotoNet Online box. Upon receiving prints, users are told their images are stored on their Kodak Photonet Online Account.

It costs £4 to have prints digitalized and put on the Web
for one month. A shared password secures the site, while allowing friends and family to view the finished product. The album stays on the Web for 30 days after that, users are charged for the amount of Web space.

[email protected] allows accessories and products to be purchased online. Gareth Jones, of Kodak, said: "The introduction of these new services means there is more choice and flexibility for Kodak customers."