South Korea's Fair Trade Commission is delaying the decision of its antitrust case against Microsoft until November 30, as its committees are still debating the decision.

The case is related to a complaint filed in September 2001 by Daum Communications, a major South Korean Internet portal operator. Daum complained about Microsoft's bundling of Windows Messenger with the Windows operating system. Daum operates its own instant messenger platform in South Korea.

Microsoft settled the dispute with Daum earlier this month with a payment of $30 million, including a $10 million cash payment, an advertising contract valued at $10 million, and a further package of measures valued at $10 million including “marketing and promotional opportunities,” the two companies said.

If Microsoft is found in violation of South Korea's antitrust laws, and a penalty is levied that calls for unbundling some of its software, the US software vendor has threatened to withdraw from South Korea, or at least delay introducing new products there.