Corel's Procreate subsidiary launched KPT Effects at Seybold yesterday.

KPT effects is a collection of nine Adobe Photoshop-compatible plug-in effects for digital images.

KPT Effects grew from the Kai's Power Tools Effects series for Photoshop, originally developed by Kai Krause, and sold to Corel by MetaCreations early in 2000.

Tooled-up New tools included in KPT Effects includes:
Pyramid Paint, which separates an image into colour regions; Lightning, that creates realistic lightning effects; and Fluid, which liquefies images; Hyper Tiling, which offers geometric-shape options; and Scatter, a 2D-particle effect.

KPT Effects will ship in the UK in October for "around £150". German and French versions of KPT effects will be available in November. The collection runs on Mac OS 8.6 or later, Mac OS X and a variety of Windows systems.