La Cie yesterday pulled the wraps off its PocketDrive at Macworld Expo 2000, San Francisco. Available in 6, 12 and 18GB capacities, these hot-pluggable pocket-sized drives combine impressive storage capacity with both USB and FireWire support.

Measuring 3.5-x-5.75 inches, the PocketDrive is compatible with G3 and G4 Power Macs, iMacs, and any other of Apple’s current product lines. They can also accommodate a bootable operating system.

The FireWire controller is a 4000bps interface, and runs at more than 11MB per second - fast enough for video capture. The USB interface offers performance at 750Kb per second. PocketDrives cost between $399 and $749. They include a small international power adaptor for worldwide use, and should ship internationally in February.

La Cie is expected to participate in an Apple-sponsored digital-video road show "in the near future", with Apple, Sony and other partners. The show is expected to explore the possibility of Apple-inspired products in the digital-video revolution.