LaCie has doubled the data transfer speed supported by its PocketDrive range, raising it to 35MB per second (MBps).

The company has developed a new FireWire-to-IDE (Integrated Device Electronics) bridge to double the previous available transfer speed. The PocketDrive's also continue to offer USB connectivity.

LaCie claims its "new series of PocketDrives are specifically designed to meet the needs of video, music and imaging professionals - as well as the mobile user". The 35MBps transfer speed is twice as fast as FireWire disks generally support, the company claims.

Tale of the tape George Leptos, LaCie's UK branch manager, said: "PocketDrive's are ideal for storing, exchanging and working on large files such as digital video. Through the FireWire port, these new drives can backup at a rate of 1.2GB per minute, over five times faster than tape back-up."

The redesigned PocketDrives also feature a new low noise motor technology - Fluid Dynamic Bearing - that reduces the noise level of the hard drives by 20 per cent, LaCie claims.

LaCie will soon ship its newly announced 48GB PocketDrive (pricing to be announced). The 10GB PocketDrive costs £169, the 20GB £249, and the 30GB £339.