LaCie claims to have exceeded its goals and confirmed its efficiency after a profitable 2002/2003.

The claim was made in LaCie's half-year review in which it described an "excellent first quarter" with an "unprecedented level of sales due to a motivated and competitive organization".

The company also revealed plans to invest more in research and development and marketing, and announced that Mathilde Bohrmann will become VP development, in order to decrease the time-to-market.

LaCie Group reported consolidated sales of €96.2 million for the six-month period ending December 31, 2003. It claims revenue is increasing by 24 per cent sequentially. Consolidated sales for the first quarter (ending December 31) were €53.9 million. Revenue increased by 20 per cent sequentially.

The company notes one reason for the six-monthly increase: "After neutralization of the changes in exchange rates and in connection with a weaker US dollar, revenue is increasing by 33 per cent sequentially."

LaCie also claims that the Asia-America-Pacific zone accounts for 45 per cent of revenue, and that hard drives account for more than half of the revenue in the six-month period.