The Mac video-editing boom has prompted LaCie to launch 40GB and 60GB external FireWire hard-disk drives – as well as lower prices across the range.

Designed for FireWire-equipped Macs, the drives have an access time of 9ms and a throughput of up to 15Mbps. The FireWire-powered drives can also be daisychained and, after being formatted with the included SilverLining software, can be used as a cross-platform storage bridge between Mac and Windows.

The 40GB and 60GB drives cost £239 and £349 respectively. The existing 20GB and 75GB drives have been reduced to £199 and £499 respectively. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

George Leptos, LaCie UK manager, said: "Mac movie production and image editing is more popular than ever and requires huge amounts of storage and fast transfer-rates. External disks are the easiest way to expand a computer’s storage capacity.”

The drives are available from LaCie resellers.